Spring Cleaning with Picture Keeper

It’s finally springtime and with that comes a cleaning frenzy! If you’re striving to make your home spotless and be more organized heading into the warmer months, why should your desktop and smartphones be any different? Picture Keeper has a variety of products that can assist you with a Spring Cleaning for your desktop, smartphones, and tablets!

Storing Photos Safely

One of the most unorganized part of a computer can be your photos! They are in a million different folders and with your typical backup, you may not honestly know where to find them on your computer. Thankfully, with Picture Keeper, our software can find all these photos for you. Simply plug in the drive, select “Start Backup,” and it will grab all the photos on your computer to one location on the USB. The drive will even skip duplicates and grab your tagged photos from Facebook so all of your favorite memories are organized and stored safely on the drive.

Cleaning Up Your Desktop

If you have much more than photos on your computer, Picture Keeper Pro should be your spring cleaning tool of choice. Like the Picture Keeper, the Pro will find all your photos for you when you plug in the device, but it will also backup videos, music, and home office files. It’s a one-stop shop for organizing and securing your entire desktop! If you have multiple computers in your home, it is compatible with both Mac and PC computers and can save files from each. It makes cleaning your desktop computers incredibly simple!

Declutter Your Smartphone and Tablet

Smartphones are now part of our daily routine. With something we use so frequently, it’s easy to let it get cluttered and unorganized! Picture Keeper Connect is one way to help get organized on your smartphone and tablet. Simply plug the device directly into your smartphone / tablet (works on iOS and Android), and select start backup. It will backup your photos, videos, and contacts so that you are able to clear up space on your phone and even start fresh with no photos since they’re safely stored on the drive! Need more tips on organizing your smartphone? Check out the blog Spring Cleaning: Declutter Your Smartphone.

Organize the Devices with a Keeper Case

With all these different methods of backing up your personal files, we wanted to offer you a way to stay organized with the drives! The Keeper Case is the perfect solution to keep your drives in one location and stored safely in your home.

Ready to start the Spring Cleaning on your desktop, smartphone, and tablet? Take our quiz HERE to find out which product best works for your needs, and head to picturekeeper.com to find your product!