Third Place Scholarship Winner - Brittany B.


Background on the Picture Keeper Scholarship

Here at Picture Keeper we value hard work and entrepreneurship. As a startup company focused on protecting memories, we know that it takes dedication and determination to turn your idea into reality and chasing your dreams can be hard! That’s why we’re giving away scholarships towards two students who are chasing their dreams twice a year. The first place winner receives a $1,500 award, the second place winner receives a $1,000 award and the third place winner receives a Picture Keeper Connect!

Students from across the country were asked to submit an essay about what they are doing to follow their dreams, along with a picture to go along with it using #PictureKeeper on Instagram and/or Twitter. They also needed to be a high school graduate (or equivalent) with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and enrolled into a college program. We received many wonderful submissions, but after careful consideration, we narrowed it down to three winners!

We are excited to share with you, Brittany B, our third place scholarship winner!

3rd place scholarship winner

The photo I have included is of me at the Natural Products Expo West Convention which is an event that brings together many companies and industry leaders in the health and wellness industry. It was during this convention which I first attended in 2014 that I fell in love with the health and wellness industry and compelled my desire to advance my career from an entry level marketer to an expert in nutrition by becoming a registered dietitian. While the general public’s interest in nutrition has increased tremendously over the years it has also spread misinformation and a need for continued scientific research in the nutrition community. This is in part why I am studying nutrition at the graduate level. I look forward to utilizing my Master’s degree in nutrition to conduct research and become a nutrition educator that helps others understand the many ways food can be used as a preventative health measure against disease. The role of a dietitian in helping combat society’s growing health concerns is a challenge I look forward to taking on as I am passionate helping people lead healthier lives. I desire to contribute research findings in the field of nutrition and aim to help the growing population of people with incurable illnesses such as autoimmune, digestive, or hormonal disorders whose symptoms have been shown to improve greatly through the implementation of strategic nutritional plans. I hope to be able to use my degrees in communication studies and nutrition science to my advantage throughout my career by helping me effectively reach the public with nutrition education and research findings from an unbiased perspective.