Top 10 Instagram Moms

The Picture Keeper team are Instagram addicts, which should come as a surprise to no-one. We’re constantly amazed by the quality of photographs produced by the top Instagram influencers, and how they work with their phone cameras to create true art.

We’ve assembled a top-ten list of Instagram moms we think capture both the beauty of life and the art of photography. Give their Instagram feeds a look—you’ll be amazed. We couldn’t decide who were the top Instagram influences here, so we’ve just listed them alphabetically.

Angie @2sister_angie

Looking for children’s style? Look no further than these photos of Angie’s little girl. This young lady and her outfits express style and fashion better than most runway models, and Angie captures her perfectly.

Erin Loechner @erinloechner

Erin’s use of soft creams and blues in her photography and home is simply dazzling. This is a photographer who can turn an empty shower stall into a work of art.

Jenna Lee @Jennaleeusa

Jenna’s a lifestyle photographer who uses an iPhone. We could go on about her photography all day, but it’s her use of light that really makes her one of our top Instagram influencers.

Jessica Shyba @mommasgonecity

We’re not sure which we enjoy more, Jessica’s adorable children or the family’s expressive dog. Jessica’s baby pictures, especially, are super cute and perfectly composed.

Joy Cho @ohjoy

We’re not going to make the obvious joy reference here, but Joy’s one of those Instagram moms whose photos, baby outfits, and amazing interior design shots exude happiness and the sheer wonders of motherhood.

Kari @Livinglifesmoments

The mother of three, Kari has a sense of personal and interior style that’s enviable. Her photos feature creams and soft blues, which she blends together masterfully.

Kate Oliver @kateoliver

Kate’s Instagram bio talks of “capturing beauty amongst the chaos” of family life. We don’t see the chaos, just Kate’s incredible portrait work. If you want a crash course in how to take a portrait shot, study this Instagram mom’s work.

Klodjana Dervishi @klodid

Like Jenna Lee, Klodjana uses an iPhone. Her specialty seems to be her ability to capture motion and color, although frankly, all her photos are wonderful.

Latham Thomas @glowmaven

Latham Thomas is the founder of Mama Glow, a wellbeing website for expectant and new mothers. Her photography has its own glow that makes excellent use of color.

Mimi Thorisson @mimithor

Photographing food so it looks mouthwatering is a difficult skill to master, but Mimi Thorisson, food blogger for the Manger, produces food presentation photos that look good enough to eat. Do not visit her Instagram on an empty stomach.

Love this curated list of Instragram moms? Have a few favorites of your own? Let us know in the comments below!