Top 5 Apps for Your Trick-Or-Treater

For young children, Halloween is one of the best nights of the year. Letting your little ones trick-or-treat alone is a big deal, so make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to stay safe. Before trick-or-treating this Halloween, check out our top app choices that will come in handy when planning a route, keeping up with your child’s location, or documenting the night, all from your smartphone! Here are our top 5 picks:

1. Nextdoor
– Nextdoor is a free app that allows you to know what’s happening in your local community. People are using this app to quickly get the word out about theft, weather alerts and other important notices. Before sending your kids out to trick-or-treat in your community, get to know your neighbors, what houses to visit (or not visit), and watch for weather alerts.

2. Life360 – Life360 is a free app for both iPhone and Android users. One of the best features of this app is that it provides a private map, allowing you to track your kids while they’re on the go. You also have the ability to create “favorite spots”, sending you an update anytime your kids arrive at that specific location. This option allows you and your kids to decide on a pre-approved route. Lastly, Life360 doesn’t have to be open to track your child’s location. Simply install the app, slip it in your child’s pocket and send them on their way.

3. Share Your Photos – Share Your Photos is the perfect way to share your Halloween memories and keep them organized. Get your neighborhood or Trick-or-Treating crew to download the free Share Your Photos app so that you can all upload your pictures from the night and view them in one central location. Sharing memories has never been easier! Download the free app and register to create an event or join one!

For more information on Share Your Photos, visit or download the free appt today!

4. Trick or Treating – The Trick or Treating app only costs $0.99 and provides you and your children with a navigation system, allowing you to bookmark all your important locations. Using GPS coordinates, Trick or Treating lets you put in addresses such as home, trusted neighbors, police stations, grandparents, and anywhere else you and your kids may need to quickly access while you are out collecting candy this Halloween. It’s easy to navigate so your kids can easily be directed to a specific location.

5. Picture Keeper ConnectPicture Keeper Connect is a free app for both iPhone and Android users that will keep your Halloween memories safe and create room for more! To get the most out of the app, use the Picture Keeper Connect drive, so you can share endless photos and videos and back them up to your drive without using your data plan or Wifi. Simply plug in the drive to your phone, choose what photos or albums to backup or share from Halloween and let the drive do the rest of the work for you! You can then delete them off your phone to free up space, knowing they’re safe and secure on your drive! The app also gives you the option to create custom gifts and prints from your kid’s Halloween photos. Save your contacts onto the drive so they can be accessed from another phone in case your phone dies or there is an emergency. Send the portable drive out with your kids to be able to plug into their phone or a friend’s phone for instant access to the most important contacts! Shop now for your Picture Keeper Connect and get it by Halloween at 50% off!

While it’s important to have fun while trick-or-treating, it’s also important to stay safe and know exactly where your kids are at all times. These apps are great tools for keeping track of your kids, creating the perfect routes and sharing important information. Be in-the-know this year, easing your mind and giving your little ones a carefree experience.