Top Baby Shower Ideas

There are a lot of details that go into planning a baby shower. Aside from ordering invitations, picking a venue, and deciding on food, you also want to make the shower unique and memorable for the mom-to-be. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite ideas to help get started on planning the best baby shower.

Food & Drink

You can’t have a shower with hungry guests! For food and drinks, I would keep it incredibly simple. Make the shower in between meals so that you can serve finger foods! There are so many great options from chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, cheese boards, crackers, pigs in a blanket, sliders and more. For desserts, you could do something cute like cake pops that look like rattles, or you can simply go with the mom-to-be’s favorite dessert.

You’ll want to be sure you have plenty of water (and ice) for your guests. Other drinks you can include are punch, lemonade, or even set up a “Mom-Mosa” Bar for guests to sip on mimosas during the festivities. Of course, check with the mom-to-be to make sure she’s ok with alcohol at her party!

dessert table


Decorating a baby shower is a lot of fun! If the theme of the nursery is already decided, you can center the shower around that theme as well. You’re able to use similar colors and decor that she will have in her nursery. You can even create cute chalkboard signs that she might want to add to her nursery room decor.

There are definitely little ways to make your shower decorations special for the mom-to-be. Stringing onesies and baby socks on a string off the mantle is a cute way to decorate! You can even have the onesies personalized. It’s the perfect decoration and gift! Also rather than having a guest book, have guests bring their favorite children’s book and write their note inside! If you don’t want to ask your guests to each bring a book, you can purchase one book for everyone to sign. This way the mom-to-be will have their sweet notes each time she reads the book to her baby!

baby boy room

Fun & Games

While games aren’t always necessary, they can add a nice touch to the baby shower. There are many options out there for games to play, but we have a few classic ones that everyone will enjoy.

  • Message on a Diaper: Have guests write a message (sweet or funny) on a diaper for Mom and Dad to read during their late night diaper change! It’s a fun way for guests to think up funny sayings, and also will be fun for the parent’s to read during their first few weeks of diaper changes.
  • Guess the Belly Size: All you need for this is a pair of scissors and yarn! Have each person cut a piece of yarn of their best guess of the size of the mom-to-be’s waist. It’s always funny to see who guessed way too small and who guessed way to large. The person with the closest size wins a prize!
  • Candy in a Bottle: Place candy (jelly beans, chocolates, etc.) into a baby bottle. Each person will then guess how much candy they think filled the bottle. The person that is closest to the number will keep the candy!

Saving Memories

When the gifts are open and guests are gone, the mom-to-be will want to savor every moment of her showers and her baby’s arrival! Picture Keeper Connect is the best way to do this. She will be able to backup her photos and videos directly from her smartphone onto the drive, so that she can clear up space for more photos (that she will definitely be taking!). Learn more about Picture Keeper Connect here.

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