Unique Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Your Child's Classroom

Valentine’s Day is a fun time for children! They bring their favorite goodies to their class, and show how much their friends mean to them. While you could simply purchase Valentine’s Day Cards from the store, it’s also the perfect time to get creative with your child! So whether you’re a parent preparing for your child’s classroom or a teacher wanting to do something a little different, we’ve gathered a few Valentine’s Day Card ideas to help spark some creativity!

S’mores Kits

Creating s’more kits is a cute and different way to send some Valentine’s love! Simply place a few gram crackers, a chocolate, and a marshmallow in a clear bag. From there you can include a cute saying. Some ideas include:

  • “I Need S’more Friends Like You”
  • “Everything s’more fun with you!”
  • “I couldn’t love you any s’more”

s'more packets


Often times, it’s safer to shy away from candy! With food allergies or the sugar rush children have, thinking outside the box and avoiding food items can be great. Bubbles are a fun and interesting way to hand out Valentine’s. Grab some mini bubbles in the grocery or dollar store, print out a cute saying, and you’re ready to go!

bubble cards

Toy Cars

For the little racer in your home, putting together a Valentine with a small race cars could be really fun! I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on the cars, as some children may not be as interested as yours. One you have the cars, purchase cardstock (that you can, again, add a cute saying!), and string to wrap the car around. The children are sure to be excited about this playful card!

toy cars Valentine cards

Budget Friendly

The cutest Valentine is almost always one that’s homemade! Grab some craft paper, scissors and markers, and let your child’s creativity come to life. Heart shaped cards are simple, but other great ideas include the shape of their hands, dinosaurs, and emojis. You can always add a cute saying and a lollipop to complete the card!

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