Meet Your Match: Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Everyone’s always searching for the perfect someone before Valentine’s Day. We might not can find your perfect love match, but we can help you with find the perfect match with one of our Picture Keeper products! Whether you need to clear up space on your phone or organize your desktop files, we have the perfect product for you. It’s time to meet your match!

Picture Keeper for Desktop

Do you love sharing your photos with family and friends? Do you love posting photos on Facebook? Then Picture Keeper is your match! Picture Keeper is great for every photo-lover out there. Plug it in to your desktop computer and it will automatically backup all your favorite photos. Picture Keeper skips duplicate photos, restores photos to other computers, works with digital photo frames, and protects photos from Facebook and email attachments!

Think you found the one? Find your perfect size, and learn more about Picture Keeper for desktop here.

Picture Keeper Desktop

Picture Keeper Connect

Picture Keeper Connect is perfect for that person that’s always on the go and uses their phone for everything! It will plug directly into an iOS or Android smartphone to backup photos, videos, and contacts so you can clear up space for more! It’s incredibly simple, does not require wifi, is compatible with Mac & PC desktop, and skips duplicates.

Each size holds a different number of photos: 16gb is approximately 8,000 photos, 32gb is approximately 16,000 photos, and 64gb is approximately 32,000 photos. Are you a big video taker? I’d opt for the larger size, because videos take up more space than your average phone-quality photo!

Do you think Picture Keeper is your perfect match? Learn more about Picture Keeper Connect here.

Valentine's Day Connect

Picture Keeper Pro

Have a lot of files on your desktop? Take a ton of high-quality photos you never want to lose? You can save all your photos, videos, music, and all other files like a PRO. Picture Keeper Pro does all the hard work for you – just plug it in to your desktop and it will find all your files! It can find files across multiple platforms, and doesn’t even need wifi for all offline files.

Picture Keeper Pro is offered in a variety of sizes (32gb, 64gb, 500gb), so that you can ensure all your files are safe and secure!

If you think Picture Keeper Pro is the one, learn more about the product here.

Girl holding Picture Keeper Pro

Still unsure what your perfect match is? No problem! Our Estimator Tool is the best tool to discover which product was made just for you! Discover your match HERE.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re also giving away 2 Picture Keeper Connect 16GBs. Enter below for a chance to win:

His & Hers Giveaway

Don’t want to gamble on a product you will LOVE? Use the code BeMine18 at checkout to receive 40% Off a Picture Keeper Connect.