How to Use Pinterest More Effectively

Pinterest is constantly redefining the way we share content online via social media. If you are a brand or company looking to promote not only your products but also your image, you have to be engaged with Pinterest. Advancements such as using your phone’s’ camera to recommend items to pin around you helps to make everything you see a Pinterest marketing opportunity. With updates continuously being made, Pinterest is ensures users get the most out of their experience. With these five points to keep in mind, you will be on your way to planning out a successful Pinterest business model:

1. Maximize your Profile Set Up

Ensuring a positive first impression for users is essential, making your profile set up an important first step. Be sure your profile image is consistent from platform to platform. As you are setting up your boards, keep in mind you will want your company or brand focused boards at the front, and then lifestyle boards to follow. Also, be sure to have a board specifically dedicated to your blog posts, and arrange that board near the front. Pinterest allows you to rearrange your boards so relevant topics are organized top the top, and less relevant to the bottom.

2. Use of Rich Pins

Rich pins give credibility to your pins by highlighting extra information below the pin, such as your logo, more information about the pin, and the headline is bolded. There are four types of rich pins which include: app, article, product, and recipe pins. For a business, rich pins are not only key to increasing your pins presence online but also establishing credibility in the Pinterest community. Interested in learning more? Check out this excellent guide to rich pins here.

3. Use Keywords

Pinterest is becoming more and more like Google; users go online to research a topic, and they go through results looking for information that matches what they are interested in learning about. Also, keywords are essential in your bio section of your profile because this is the way new individuals will find your page. Keep your keywords concise and simple, think phrases or words you would typically Google. By using keywords, your target audience can find you with more ease. If you host your blog on WordPress, there are plugins such as Yoast that gives you instant feedback about your SEO content.

4. Run Contests

Giveaways and gift guides are becoming more popular, making a visual platform like Pinterest a leading site to share this content. If you are interested in some of our past giveaways and contests, check out our Pinterest board here.

5. Build Relationships

While putting out your content on Pinterest is important, partnering with bloggers and organizations that have a similar mission and values is key to building your audience. The sooner you build these relationships, the more effective you will be at growing your target audience on Pinterest. It helps to find your niche and strengthen your brand’s credibility within the community.

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