What is in my Prom Clutch?

prom clutch
As the weather warms up, one of the most anticipated high school events of the year has arrived, prom. After the “promposals” all eyes are on the main event. But one of the biggest struggles many have is not only finding a clutch that works perfectly with your dress but deciding what you need for the big night. Check out our prom clutch essentials to ensure a stress-free and fun evening:
1. Picture Keeper Connect
Don’t you hate when you are about to capture that picture perfect moment, and then your phone says “no room available”? Ugh, the worst right? Well, fear not, with the Picture Keeper Connect you can quickly download your photos right from your iPhone or Android without having to delete any memories in order to free up space. And the best part? It takes up zero room in your clutch.
2. Cell Phone
Gone are the days where you needed a digital camera to capture the moment. Now, your phone is all you need! Don’t forget to have apps like Instagram and Snap ready, it’s also a great way to document the night!
3. Lipstick
One of the best parts of prom is getting all dressed up and having your red carpet moment. But makeup can be tricky, you don’t want to look overdone, but you also want to do something that is a bit more dramatic than your everyday look. Lipstick can immediately elevate your look. Not sure what color to go for? You can never go wrong with a classic red or pink. Looking for a brand that won’t break the bank? Try Burt’s Bees, they have many different colors, and it’s all natural. They even have a Lip Shade Finder to help you find the perfect shade!
4. Snack
It’s inevitable, you’re going to get hungry as the night goes on. But the last thing you want to do is eat some heavy meal while you’re dressed up in your nice dress and makeup done to a tee. And you have limited space in a clutch! A great go-to is a granola bar or even a small bag of nuts. No mess, no stress.
5. Cash on Hand
You likely won’t need to have a significant amount of money on you for prom, but it is always a great idea to have some on hand. After all, there is dinner (unless your date pays for you) and maybe a late night stop at Starbucks, coffee anyone?
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