Why Should You Be the Family Memory Keeper?

What is a Family Memory Keeper?

The Family Memory Keeper is the family member who tracks the activities and histories of the family. They keep, organize, and protect the memories and milestones in the form of journals, photos, videos, keepsakes, and stories. Family Memory Keepers may also double as Family Historians who trace ancestral trees and more in depth family histories.

Why should you be the Family Memory Keeper?

Nothing is more special than getting together with family and reminiscing about growing up, places you’ve been, and people you’ve met. But as time goes on, it gets harder and harder to recall the smaller details and past events. It’s important to document exciting milestones and events in a Family, so that none of these memories get lost or forgotten. While many people might be taking photos, and even posting them to social media, very few have gathered all the important details in one place. Protecting your family’s memories can be done quickly and and easily. For added security, backup your memories regularly to protect them for future generations

How to start keeping family memories?

Being the Family Memory Keeper can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it. It might be enough for your family to keep a digital folder, organized by year. Here you can keep a few photos and videos from an important event. You can even include important details, such as dates, people, and location, in the metadata. Adding these details to the metadata is the digital version of writing on the back of a photograph and can be really simple to do. Check out this tutorial by PicturesAndStories.com to find out how.

While Facebook and Instagram are a great way to share photos and videos from fun times in your lives, they aren’t made for Memory Keepers. Social platforms often lower the quality of the original images, so they aren’t the best way to store photos and videos in good quality.

A Family Memory Keeper may choose to spend more time and keep a Memory Journal. This can be a digital or physical diary, where Family Histories can be written or typed out in more detail. Photos can be added to the memory journal, or there may be a file system associated with the journal events. A quick google search for “Family Memory Journals” will bring up memory journals you can purchase online.

It is always important to protect these memories. The best way to make sure your memories are protected for future generations, is to backup your memories as often as possible. Picture Keeper recommends the 3-2-1 Rule when backing up digital files.

Keep three copies of your digital files. (The original plus backups)
Backup your files twice. (2 backups at minimum)
Keep one backup in a safe, off-site location. (Keep a backup in a safe or with a trusted family member or friend)

Your memories are precious; document them, share them, and, most importantly, protect them!

Using Picture Keeper to Protect your Memories

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