10 Home Decor Trends to Copy

Trends come and go, but that’s what makes decorating a home so much fun! There are always ways to add a splash of the newest trend into your already-decorated home. Or if you’re buying a new house or decided to do some upgrading, having trends in mind is always a great idea! We’ve gathered 10 home decor trends you will definitely want to copy this year.

Funky Light Fixtures

Adding fun light fixtures is an easy way to change up a space and give it a whole new vibe! There are so many options to choose from depending on the look you want for the space. If you want more of a “farmhouse” feel, you can find something with a white-washed wood. If you want some more modern, you can find a dark metal or metallic fixture in a geometric shape. The options are endless!

light fixture

Trending Colors

Lavender, or also being called “Millennial Pink,” is a hot color for 2018! It’s light color will go great with neutral tones to keep a space light, but can also be paired with darker tones such as navy and grays. It’s color will also go quite well with florals and other prints that are popular! Burnt Yellow is another big color! It makes a great accent color and offers a way to brighten up any space. You can even go as bold as to have the burnt yellow color as a focal point (i.e. a couch) and pair with more neutral colors.

lavender bedding

Bucket Sinks

Bucket (or trough) sinks are now in! These vintage, farmhouse inspired sinks add a touch of nostalgia to every home. They can give a clean, modern bathroom a nice touch of personality!

bucket sink


While wallpapers have not been very popular in a while, they’re making a big comeback! Wallpapers are a great way to make a plain space fun and colorful. You can use it as an accent wall to add texture to a room, or cover a small bathroom in a fun color and keep the rest simple.

bathroom wallpaper

Dark Woods

Adding wooden textures have been very popular, but specifically dark woods are a beautiful trend right now! Adding a nice dark wood dresser, dining table, or barstools with a unique pattern are all great looks. This isn’t your typical cherry wood bedroom set, it’s a dark and chic addition to your home!

dark wood dresser

Lots of Textures

Textures, textures, and more textures! Mixing textures or adding layers of texture in a home is always a fun decorating tool (and easy to add to your home now!). Think of items like rugs, throw blankets and pillows with raw edges and a handmade feel. Wicker is very popular too!

throw pillows

Velvet Furnishing

Speaking of textures – let’s add some velvet in your home!! Velvet furnishing is very “in” right now, and we are excited to see how long this trend lasts! Find a fun couch or a small accent chair with the perfect velvet and fun color. It will make any room so fun!

velvet chair with cat

Touches of Metallic

Adding elements of metallic will take a “bleh” home to absolutely chic! This is easily done by adding a nice desk lamp or a simple mirror. This pairs well with darker tones, such as navy and grey, but looks very sophisticated with white as well. There are plenty of ways to get creative with metallic touches.

metallic mirrors

Natural Elements

A great way to make your home inviting and cozy is to add natural elements. You can do this with a beautiful earthy tone granite kitchen countertop or even a concrete one! Adding stone or brick as an accent wall in your home is also a stunning way to add natural elements. If you’re not looking to do a total remodel, adding bits of wooden furniture or even kitchen bowls and utensils is a fun way to bring a natural element to your home.

rustic white kitchen

Prints & Patterns

Adding different prints and patterns to your favorite room is a fun way to show off your personality! Large floral prints are the latest trend, and look very cute paired with solid colors. You can use this as a throw, an ottoman, or even a chair. It adds life to the room! This is also very popular with different beach and botanical looks too. Geometric shapes are fun to work with as well! These are fun as throw pillow patterns or, if you want to go all out, a backsplash or tile in a bathroom!

geometric bathroom wallpaper

As you update and start adding these trends to your home, be sure to take plenty of pictures of the transformation! These are photos you will want to cherish forever, so back them up with a Picture Keeper Connect or Picture Keeper Pro.