7 Must-Have Scrapbooking Tools

Every crafter has their favorite tools they like to use for their scrapbooking! From the type of paper, to glue, to decorations, to cutting devices, and more – there are endless options for you to begin creating the ultimate scrapbook. We’ve listed a few of our favorite scrapbooking supplies to help you get started!


Finding your favorite pair of crafting scissors is a must! You don’t want to use your worn-down everyday kitchen scissors. Instead, you need to opt for something sharp that will make cutting your cardstock easy and clean. Some great options include Cutter Bee Scissors and Fiskars Softgrip Scissors.


There are millions of choices for glue that can be used when crafting! Scrapbooking specifically uses a variety of different glues depending on what is being put on each particular page – whether it’s paper, photos, or other decorations! Glue sticks are a must for scrapbookers. It dries clear and clean, and it’s perfect for projects that require paper. Tacky glue, Glue dots, and Double-sided tape are also great choice of adhesives for paper projects like scrapbooking!

Straight Edge Paper Cutter

With the amount of cutting and designing scrapbooking takes, a straight edge paper cutter is an absolute must! You don’t want your sheets or photo mattes to be cut crooked or diagonal. With a straight edge paper cutter, your scrapbook will be looking stunning.


If you are truly dedicated to your craft, a Cricut is the perfect tool to have. It will make many of your processes easier! No more cutting out each individual letter for a page, the cricut can do that work for you! They have a variety of products for different types of material so if you want to move beyond the paper, it’s a fun tool to learn to use!

cricut setCardstock

You can’t create a scrapbook without paper! You can find a variety of scrapbook paper options at the craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Joann. The key is to pick a theme of your scrapbook, or that page, so that the color schemes match. There are usually plenty of options of different themes at the stores. I recommend grabbing plenty of solid colored colorstock and then pair with cardstock that has patterns or textures.

Picture Keeper Connect

Nothing makes a scrapbook better than the pictures you include in them! Picture Keeper Connect is a scrapbookers dream when it comes to keeping precious photos safe. If you’re using pictures off your phone (like many of us do!), Picture Keeper Connect can plug directly into your smartphone (iPhone or Android) and will not only backup your photos, but your videos and contacts as well. Since Picture Keeper Connect has a USB, it can also plug directly into printers or print stations to have the photos you have saved printed off. It’s truly a scrapbookers dream!!

Connect in desktop and phone


Finally, finding a great set of pens is a necessity for scrapbooking. Any handwriting or decorative drawings, different size pens will be a must. If you are into calligraphy or drawing, Tombow pens are great for thicker writing and Pigma Pens has a variety of sizing choices that will be great and last long for whatever project you’re interested in.

Now that you know which items you need, it’s time to get shopping and start crafting!! We’d love to see your scrapbook photos and how you use Picture Keeper Connect as one of your tools. Be sure to use the #PictureKeeper for us to find you on social media!