Best Organizational Practices Using Picture Keeper Connect

Organizing is a challenge! Picture Keeper Connect offers a way to free up space on your phone by backing up your photos, videos, and contacts. Clearing up space on your phone can make you feel like a brand new person! While many understand the magic a Picture Keeper Connect does for your phone, we are still often asked the best way to organize the Picture Keeper Connect! Here are a few of our best organizational practices:

Save Photos in Albums

If you want to take your organization to the next level, photo albums are the best way! If you’re wanting to save by an event, by vacation, or person, that’s up to you! Simply separating the photos in a way you like and can easily find is ideal. From there, when you backup your photos to your Picture Keeper Connect, the device will recognize these folders and keep them separated. When you’re ready to go view these photos later, you simply plug in your Picture Keeper Connect, select your device, and find the folder! It’s as easy as that!

Connect viewing photos on phone

Have a Picture Keeper for Each Year

Another method to organize (that our customers love doing) is having a Picture Keeper for each year! This way, you can simply continue the back up in one sole location all year long. The clean design of the drive allows you to grab a Sharpie and write the year (ex: 2018) on the back. This is a great way to organize by date, and you can keep these memories in a safe location – maybe even a fire safety box!

snow day

Have a Picture Keeper Per Child

If you have a few little ones running around, having a Picture Keeper Connect for each child is another easy solution. Each time you plug in your Picture Keeper Connect, instead of choosing “Start Backup” on the main page, you will backup specific photos or videos within the app. That way, you can choose the photos of each child to download on the correct drive! This organization works really well for the super organized person, who wants to know how to easily access photos for a specific child. Scrapbookers also find this idea incredibly useful!

Connect in desktop and phone

Ready to try out some of our organizational ideas? Grab a Picture Keeper Connect for yourself and get organized!