8 Tips for Traveling with Children

Traveling can be stressful. Add kids to the mix, and planning can soon be exhausting! We’ve come up with 8 tips to use when traveling with children. Use the tips and you’re sure to enjoy your vacation!

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Some of the most stressful trips are due to arriving late! With children onboard, this is definitely a no. Giving yourself plenty of time for any type of trip is always a good idea. If it’s a car ride, you will definitely be stopping for potty breaks. If you’re catching a flight, security is always questionable and allowing yourself plenty of time to help each child through the process and to the gate will save you from a major headache! Don’t worry about arriving to the gate early, the children will love looking out the window at all the planes!

Kid-friendly Travel Games

Having games on hand is always a good idea! With the car, it might be simpler because you can bring a movie and have some larger toys on hand from home. When traveling on plane, it might be smart to find some kid-friendly apps for your child to play on a tablet. That way they are focused, learning, and quiet for all of their neighbors. If you’re trying to limit technology, bringing a few light books to read to them as well as a pad of paper and crayons is a great idea to pass time!

Bring Healthy Snacks

Nothing is worse than a hungry child! The more snacks, the better, when traveling! If you’re going abroad, this is especially important if your child is a picky eater. Also be sure to bring things that aren’t too sugary. Having a sugar-overload could be problematic on a plane or when you arrive to a new city!

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Purchase a Child Locator

Okay, this one might seem silly, but many parents would rather be safe than sorry! Rather than resorting to a backpack leash, a child locator will allow the child to walk around without restraint but give parents a peace of mind when traveling. Also if you put your contact information on them (in their pocket, on their backpack, etc.), it will help if they do wander.

Get Your Child’s Input on Activities

When planning a family trip, it’s always fun to incorporate your children’s ideal activities. If they are younger, it may be a good idea to give them a few suggestions and let them pick one they are most excited about! For older children and teenagers, let them do some research about the destination and get their input. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the great ideas they will find!

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Have Extra Clothes on Hand

With younger children, it’s always a good idea to bring extra clothes for them in case of spills or other messy accidents. If you’re checking the majority of your clothes, it’s always wise to pack a carry-on with your essentials (medicines, diapers, etc.), and having an extra pair of clothes for everyone would also be a good idea!

Research & Relax

Do plenty of research before arriving to your destination! Understand where you are staying, how kid-friendly it is, how easy it is to access the activities you want to do, and more. Guest Services and Concierges are usually very helpful with these situations, so give them a call before you head there! One you’ve planned, sit back and relax. It will surely be a vacation your family will love!

Take Photos & Backup Your Memories

Planning a trip for your family can be exhausting, but once you get there, enjoy yourself and make plenty of memories! Be sure to capture them all on your phone, and backup your photos and videos from the trip using a Picture Keeper Connect.

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