Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Family

holiday traditions with family

As your kids are growing up it’s important to build some enduring family holiday traditions that you can enjoy for years to come. Decades from now you can still catch up with your daughter while decorating the tree, or make jokes with your husband as you two try not to burn another batch of chocolate chip cookies.

If you’re at a loss on where to start, try some of these fun and simple holiday traditions with your family this holiday season.

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses are delicate works of art, and there’s nothing that can bring the entire family together quite like an arts and crafts project that’s also super tasty. Of course, creating a gingerbread house requires some mastery of the baking arts, and even if you trust your skills you may want to involve your kiddos in the less labor intensive elements of the recipe. The Food Network has a terrific recipe you can work from.

Not a baker? No sweat! Simply order a gingerbread house kit and let the good times roll (okay, maybe a dough pun was a bit of a stretch).

gingerbread house kit

Christmas Caroling

You don’t need the voice of an angel to spread holiday cheer this Christmas. Check in with your local library or church to join a caroling group that’s visiting a children’s hospital to give a little something back this holiday season.

If you live in a family of extroverts you can have a blast simply dressing for the weather and caroling in the neighborhood. Take requests: don’t know the words? Make them up! Choosing a location like the park can take the pressure off, allowing you and your family to belt out favorites, crack up, and make memories.



White Elephant

A popular twist on traditional gift giving, this classic Christmas game gives your extended family a fun competition to look forward to. Check here for a full list of rules. White Elephant (also called Dirty Santa or Yankee Swap) works best with plenty of people and a great mix of presents. Bring some useful items and some gag gifts for a hilarious time!

Be sure to supervise if you have really young children – you don’t want any rude or selfish behavior spoiling the fun for everyone.

Christmas gifts by tree


Family Photo

Taking a family Christmas photo is a classic tradition that, when done every year, allows you to track your family’s growth and connection through the years. Some families like to stick to a common theme every year, like taking photos in the snow or gathered around the fireplace wearing Santa hats.

Other families mix it up every year and experiment with their images. Whatever type of photo you choose to take, sending a card is an effective way to share your family’s blessings with loved ones every Christmas.

Of course, you don’t want those precious Christmas family photos to accidentally disappear with one frustrating smartphone snafu. Keep your Christmas photos and memories safe with a Picture Keeper Connect, a hassle-free and convenient solution.