New Year's Eve Party Checklist

It’s time to ring in the New Year! You don’t want forget any of the essential party items, so we’ve gathered a list of party must-haves and ideas that will make your New Year’s Eve party stand out above the rest!

Choose Invitations

First, you need to gather your guest list and let them know about the party of the year! Online invitations are really the way to go to make it both easy and economically friendly. Try starting a Facebook event or sending an e-vite. There’s an e-card for every occasion!

Decorate Your Space

Decorations are also a New Year’s Eve party essential! You can always make it festive with lots of confetti, glitter, streamers and more. Large balloons with 2018 on them always make for a fun backdrop for pictures! You can also use the lights you have leftover from Christmas and stream them around the house. These simple decorations will have your house party-ready!

2018 New Year Balloons

Food & Drinks All Around

A New Year’s Eve Party wouldn’t be a success without food for all of your guests! Because the party will most likely begin later in the evening, appetizers and finger foods are the perfect way to go. Make pigs in a blanket or get fancier with calamari or oysters – whatever best fits the vibe of your party! Serving platters, paper plates, napkins, and silverware are also a must so your guests enjoy the menu you put together. Of course, don’t forget the drinks! Champagne is a must to ring in the New Year, and using plastic champagne flutes is always a safe bet when you have a larger crowd. Don’t forget plenty of ice for all other drink options!

champagne toast

Entertain the Guests

While everyone is there to mix and mingle, it’s not a bad idea to plan some entertainment. A good playlist is needed in the background during the party. You can make a fun playlist with all of the year’s songs or just a fun party mix. If you want to go all out this season, hiring a DJ or band will definitely get the party started! Also, be sure to have a TV in a central location so you can countdown to the New Year and watch the ball drop from wherever you may be! Having a few games on hand is also a great way to keep your guests entertained. One fun and easy option is these printable cards from Party City, where you share some of your best (or most embarrassing) moments from the year. It’s perfect for a smaller party!

Photo booths are also a lot of fun during New Year’s Eve parties. They’re incredibly simple to make too. Simply add streamers to the wall for a backdrop and have plenty of balloons and props for a fun photo! Your guests will be taking pictures all night long! Share Your Photos app is an easy (and free) way for your guests to share all their photos from the night. Check it out here to download the app and create an event for your party!

photo booth

New Year Celebration Items

Champagne should already be on your list by now, but it’s also a great idea to have noisemakers, confetti poppers, sparklers, and any other celebratory item to help ring in 2018!


Now that you have your list together, it’s time to gather your items and enjoy celebrating the New Year! Be sure to backup all your memories on a Picture Keeper Connect so that you never lose the priceless memories.

Need help remembering all the items? Check out this printable checklist:

Printable New Year's Eve Party Checklist