iPhone 8 Release & Using the Picture Keeper Connect

The latest and greatest iPhone has arrived, and it did not disappoint! The iPhone 8 and iOS 11 update brought incredible new features to the table and we’re excited to explore them with you. Some of our favorite features include the all-glass design, retina HD display, wireless charging and dual cameras. Here are a few tips and tricks for the latest update:

Transferring to the new device

You’ve decided to purchase the iPhone 8 and can’t wait to transfer all your contacts, photos, and videos from your old device so you can begin exploring all the features it has to offer. Rather than just using the cloud, which needs wifi, we have a simple solution to easily transfer your photos, videos and contacts from your old phone to your new phone using Picture Keeper Connect. Picture Keeper Connect makes it incredibly simple to save your contacts, photos, and videos to the drive and have them transferred to your new phone. Want your new phone to have a clean slate? Choose to only transfer your contacts and have all your old phone’s photos saved safely on the drive.

Taking better photos

The camera on the iPhone 8 is more powerful than any other iPhone has seen. It offers a 12MP camera with a larger and faster sensor. There are new color filters, deeper pixels and optical image stabilization, creating an amazing video-taking experience. The iPhone 8 Plus makes sharper foregrounds and blurrier backgrounds when set on Portrait Mode, allowing your iPhone photos to rival those of professionals. With the incredible photos you’re certain to take, be sure you have them backed up on your Picture Keeper Connect!

Making the most of your iOS update

Even if you’re not purchasing the newest iPhone but have updated to iOS 11, there is a lot in store for you! The latest update not only offers a clean design, but creates new user experiences. You will soon be able to pay friends through iMessage, Siri can translate messages for you, and you can discover new music with your friends in Apple Music. There are also fun features that allow you to edit your live photos into fun boomerangs and old notifications are able to be viewed directly from your home screen simply by swiping up. There is endless new features to discover for this iOS update!

Using your Picture Keeper Connect with the latest update

With the new iPhone 8 and iOS 11, some Picture Keeper Connect devices may need to be updated as well. We have worked to find a simple solution, and we have found one you can implement with a Windows computer. We are quickly working for a Mac solution, so stay tuned for more information. For now, you can update your firmware to begin using your Picture Keeper Connect with your iPhone 8 or iOS 11 device by following these simple instructions HERE.

We can’t wait to see how the Picture Keeper Connect can better the iPhone 8 user’s experience. Learn more about what the iPhone 8 has to offer at here, and don’t forget to purchase a Picture Keeper Connect to keep your new photos and videos backed up!