*Why did I receive a "Backup incomplete" message

Received a "Backup Incomplete" message?

There are a few possible reasons for this error message to appear:

  • There was a small error during backup. Sometimes a particular file doesn't transfer properly (especially if it is being backed up from iCloud), or the error was caused by another app you may have running in the background. Try to start the backup again and see if you receive the same error again.

  • The level of battery charge is below 20%. Recharge your phone and continue the backup by hitting "Start Backup" button.
  • There isn't enough space on phone. PictureKeeper needs about 300 megabytes of free space on the phone to work properly. Try deleting unused or unwanted information off your phone to free up space (ex. old text messages, old voicemails, downloaded podcasts, old/unused apps etc...)

  • There is not enough space on the Picture Keeper device. If this is the case, please verify free space on the drive by opening View Files menu, clicking on the ... icon at the top and selecting View Drive Info. If your Picture Keeper is full, you can simply purchase another one to pick up seamlessly where the first left off.

If none of the above fits your situation, or if you continue to get the "Backup Incomplete" error message, please contact us for additional assistance.